5 Tips to Buy the Best Bedroom Set

5 TIPS TO BUY THE best bedroom set

The bedroom is a real personal place for everyone. A place where you can sing, dance, share intimate moments with their loved ones, and those who are working from home most probably spending their time inside their bedroom. 

Often people like to customize their bedroom theme according to their personality. But without any experience, people tend to fail miserably when picking the right and best bedroom sets. This failure is going to cost a lot of money and failing of your dream bedroom.


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1. Type of bedroom

The first and far most important thing that you should know before going on buying bedroom sets is to know which size furniture will suit your bedroom.  There is a lot of furniture that comes in different types of sizes and shapes for different types of bedrooms.

i) Master bedroom

If you have a master bedroom which is usually bigger than other rooms and it also has a combination of the bathroom as well. It is typical for parents to own the room because this makes it easier to get ready for work without disturbing others.

The furniture in the bedroom sets is usually classic for the master bedroom. The main role that this bedroom play is to have a larger storage place and must have enough space for the best lighting. 

Ideal Bedroom Set: Wardrobe Sliding Table, Bedframe. Kingsize Bed, Dressing Table & Side Table

master bedroom set

Image via Johor furniture fair

Bedroom Set 7781

ii) Kids Bedroom

Kids bedroom is wont to be much big since they don’t need large spaces to put their things. Kids also won’t have any problem sharing their room with their brother or sister.

Placing large furniture might bring some problems because kids always play around and often time they forget how to play safe.

Giving kids their own personal can be risky but what if you take out what makes it risky? 

kids bedroom setImage via Ikea

Idea Bedroom Set: Bunck Bedframe, Single bed, Wardrobe, Table & Stool

iii) Toddlers Bedroom

Back in the days, toddlers sleep with their parents but now parents prefer some alone time from their babies. This is actually a good idea since raising a toddler can be stressful, and having no rest is going to make parents’ life harder.

Toddlers don’t need much furniture and adding a bed inside a toddler’s room is useful. This is because if the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, parents can spend the night in the baby’s bedroom. 

Toddlers bedroom setImage via Ikea

Ideal Bedroom Set: Crib and Crib mattress, Changing table, Wardrobe, & Single bed


iv) Teenagers Bedroom Set

Teenagers bedroom must have all the furniture that they need. The reason for the occurrence is teenagers tend to spend a lot of time inside their bedroom.

So it is the best idea to make their room more comfortable for them. Teenagers need the right furniture for their interest, study, and privacy. 

teenagers bedroom setImage via Interior Design Ideas

Idea Bedroom Sets: Study Table, Bedframe, Queen size bed, Bookshelves, chair, wardrobe, & Dressing table

V) Guest Bedroom sets

Guest Bedrooms should have 100% of the privacy that they need. Because the more you respect their boundary the more welcomed that they feel. Make the guest room has its own toilet or at least the toilet is near to it.

This will make it less awkward for the guest. The important thing to have in the guest bedroom is the bed and the dressing table. Other furniture item is not necessary but if you have enough space and money then don’t mind adding other furniture as well.

Ideal Guest Bedroom Sets: Bed Frame, Bed, Wardrobe, and Dressing Table

Guest bedroom setImage via Architectural Digest

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2. Type of Budget 

i) Hight Budget

You are probably the type of person who is looking to furnish your bedroom with all the necessary furniture. No matter the end cost you want your bedroom filled with all the things that you ever dream of.

Ideal Bedroom Look: Royalty, Hight Technology

high budget bedroom setImage via Bernadette Livingston Furniture

ii) Medium budget

Having a medium budget for whatever you are planning to buy can save a lot of money. You just have to look for the right store and the right design that will suit your expectation and your budget. 

Idea Bedroom Look: Lowkey Fashionable, Sophisticated and Modern look

medium budget bedroom setImage via Wayfair

iii) Low Budget

You are probably the kind of person who doesn’t have much expectation of the furniture and maybe no ideas for it as well. Having to buy a low budget for the furniture is not a mistake this means that you have other important stuff to take care of.

There a lot of stores offering furniture for the best and affordable price that can also find online. 

Idea Bedroom Look: Classic and simple

low budget bedroom setImage via Johor Furniture fair

Bedroom Set 6235

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3. Maximize the use of space

For those who have larger space like your bedroom, you may not face many problems For those who are having less or small space here is some tips to maximize space; 

Buy Bedroom Set

4. Quality

The quality of the bedroom furniture can be the best way to determine whether you have the best bedroom set or not. The quality of furniture solely really on the manufacturing place, the price, and the raw material. Here is the list of things that you should make sure of in order to get the best quality of furniture.

  • Know your wood type – solid wood, veneers, and particle board or composite wood
  • Check the drawers and the doors
  • Avoid furniture with nails and glue – go for wood joinery
  • Pick a realistic color
  • Inspect the spring
  • Check the legs
  • Leather > Plastic
  • Give chance for second-hand furniture

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5. Satisfy your Desire

Apart from the space and the cost what makes the best bedroom set is when it meets your desire. Some have dream houses some have dream bedrooms so don’t just leave them as a dream make it a reality.

Your desire may depend on your lifestyle, hobby, interest, wants, needs, imagination, love, or anything that does not even need to make any sense.

Here are some Bedroom sets that you might like;

dark bedroom setImage via teahu.oi

soccer bedroom setImage via Appie.org

best bedroom setImage via iDesignArch

Bedroom sets come with any types of designs pick the best one that you think will suit you. If you have trouble looking for the right bedroom set don’t worry anymore Johor Furniture Fair to solve your problem. What makes the Johor Furniture Fair special?

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