How Stylish Furniture can change your boring lifestyle

How Stylish Furniture can change your boring lifestyle

Are you one of those people who is staring at the mobile with the same posture for the past 10 years? Do you feel bored with the lifestyle that you are living right now? Add some spice in your life, change something in your life like :

  1. Meet new people
  2. Dye your hair
  3. Go for a marathon
  4. Join a dance class for fun
  5. Workout
  6. Learn something new.
  7. Read a book 
  8. Write a book
  9. Go for traveling
  10. Change things around you according to your taste and like

The only way to change the things around you is by changing your boring furniture to stylish furniture. But how to do that? Here are the tips to own Stylish Furniture.


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Begin with your Style

When you are choosing furniture go for your guts. Do not choose according to what would others think, instead, think will I like the design after 5 years? Go for the design with the maximum comfort for you. Everyone has a different style which is unique in their own way. If you don’t know what is your style don’t worry here are 5 different types of style ;

  • Casual (comfortable, typical, basic, simple)

casual looking living roomImage via Serena & Lily

casual looking kitchenImage via Pinterest  & Christ loves Julia

casual looking bedroomImage via Home Stratosphere

  • Modern (sharp, something new, metallic)

Modern looking living roomImage via Pinterest

Modern looking bedroomImage via Houzz

  • Country (delicate, decorative, painted woods)

country looking living romImage via Country Living Magazine

country looking kitchenImage via Houzz

country looking bedroomImage via Home furniture

  • Traditional (antiques, never changing look)

traditional looking living roomImage via Medium

traditional looking kitchenImage via Medium

traditional looking bedroom (1)Image via Medium and Medium

  • Pelee (Ethnic or arisen pieces, highly specific)

pelee looking living roomImage via Interior Design Idea & Pepperfry

pelee looking KitchenImage via ACNN Decor

pelee looking bedroomImage via Goodhomes & Archi-living.com

Don’t just focus on one side of the house make sure to have a special touch in each room. Have some creativity, follow your mood, look for examples of stylish furniture, and guidance. 

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Play with color

When it comes to choosing color there is no such thing as right and wrong color. The execution way is important but doesn’t feel trapped in choosing any color that comes with your personality. Stylish furniture also comes in stylish colors. 

1. Brown

Brown color furniture is easy to get since it is the traditional color for all the furniture. Back in the day furniture was made 100% of wood and there is no paint or dye to change the color of the furniture. But now brown color itself has its best rank in the furniture.  Brown might seem like a dull color but it has the representation of simplicity and causality. It also brings the feel of wholesomeness and peace to the environment. 



The color pink is usually liked by any kids because of its strong and bright vibe that gives off. As for an adult, it might change a little bit as to where pink is the color for a romantic and lovely feel. Pink is also uplift the idea of feminism and strong women. As for the state of mind, the color pink brings the deeply joyful mind with innocence.

living room furniture in pink colorImage via Interior Design Idea

bedroom furniture in pink colorImage via Interior Design Idea

kitchen furniture in pink color

Image via Idea Home


Yellow is well known for its brightness and positivity. Yellow is the right color if you like attention because yellow attracts attention. When you are surrounded by the color yellow you will be more focused, concentrated, and filled with joy inside you. Bright colors like this tend to make it look like it is expanding its small space. 

living room furniture in yellow colorImage via Casa Padrino

bedroom furniture in yellow colorImage via ArchiExpo

kitchen furniture in yellow colorImage via Spruce

4. Blue

When I come to blue try to pick light-colored blue which is the resemblance to something cool and peaceful. It also creates a soft and calm, lowering blood pressure, slowing respiration, and heart rate. In the short phase think of blue as a relaxation. 

LIVING ROOM furniture in blue colorImage via House Beautiful

blue furniture



kitchen furniture in blue colorImage via Interior Design Idea

bedroom furniture in blue colorImage via Homedit

All the color that I have mentioned above is not possible if you only use only one color. It’s ok to mix match the color according to your liking. 

  • Yellow and purple = White / Brown
  • Orange and blue = Black/white
  • Red and Green= Gold / Silver

It’s ok if you want to play around with the color there is no limit to creativity. 

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Use the lighting to your advantage

When you want to change things around you don’t hesitate to change everything from top to bottom. In our case from the furniture to the lighting.  Lighting plays an important part in how bright your home or your room should be. There are many kinds of lighting if you search for it but here we have the list of most stylish lighting for your stylish home.

1. Rustic Lighting Fit

Rustic Lighting Fit

Image via Overstock

Rustic lighting has not a fancy chandelier but whereby it has the nice old but a gem look. Perfect for those who are going for an old fashion vibe. The touch of distressed wood can bring back the charm that the house is missing. Having to fix the build on the rustic lighting has all the small memory from your grandparents hitting you. 

2. Mid-Century Modern Lighting

Mid-Century Modern LightingImage via Overstock

Mid-century modern lighting style suits those who are looking for something with which reminds them of traditional but with a customized touch.  Mid-century modern (MCM) is an American design movement in interior, product, graphic design, architecture, and urban development that was popular from roughly 1945 to 1969, during the United States’s post–World War II period.

3. Glam Lighting

Glam LightingImage via Overstock

Glam lighting suit the style which resembles luxury and class. Those who can handle glass without breaking it you deserve these masterpieces at your home. The lighting style itself will grab much attention. 

4. Bohemian Lighting

Bohemian LightingImage via Overstock

Bohemian Lighting brings calmness to your home or your room. The light isn’t that bright for those who are like to be chilling in their room this light really suits you. This piece also goes along with wooden type furniture. 


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Finding a personal style sometimes can be difficult. Getting out of your comfort zone just to find style may seem not worth it. But we are here to change that. We provide consultation for the right type of furniture that you are looking for. We will find the best and stylish furniture for you to get you out of that horrible and boring lifestyle that you are living in right now. Contact Johor Furniture Fair right now. #1 Online furniture shop.

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