8 Easy Ways For Home Furnishing Within Your Budget

8 Easy Way For Home Furnishing Within Your Budget


Most people wasting thousands of their money on buying full house home furnishings. Is it challenging to get quality furniture within budget? No! Just follow these 8 easy ways for home furnishing within your budget. I promise! Your wallet won’t get a big hole after it!


  1. Learn to prioritize (less in more)
  2. Find Alternative
  3. Shop for Furniture
  4. Compare the price for the best deal
  5. Discount and sale
  6. Buy Pieces of Furniture Separately
  7. Purchase furniture with multiple functions
  8. Free Delivery

Buying furniture for your home can be really expensive. Just a mattress can cost up to RM 3,499 at Ikea. Imagine that you purchase all your furniture there. 

It’s always better if you can create a budget for furnishing your home. After creating a budget, don’t forget to follow it. Here are things that you should keep in mind when furnishing your home on a budget.

1. Learn to Prioritise

You are not gonna need all the furniture for the store, so minimize the number of furniture.

Remember less is more.

End table

End table for living room

Image via Wayfair.com

The end table is nothing but small clutter around the small corner in the home. It has a small space to hold up your things and it is not an important piece of furniture as well.

Display Cabinet

Are you fancy with collecting model or your collections in a display cabinet?

Please do yourself and your wallet a favor by eliminating this from buying this checklist.

The display cabinet is one of the expensive pieces of furniture and personally, I don’t think it is worth your money.

display cabinet is unnecessary

AImage via Alibaba.com

Not only the cost the display cabinet tend to take up a lot of unnecessary space.


Speaking of unnecessary, Recliner is just a sofa with the ability to lower your body until 135 – degree angle. There are so many things wrong with this.

Recliner is cost double of sofa
Image via Canva

Let’s start from, the recliner is more into luxury than a necessity. It also costs double the price of a regular sofa. Still not convinced?

According to Healthline Recliners can be the cause of breathing problems, joint stiffness, and impaired circulation. The Recliner doesn’t seem to be worth it.

2. Look for alternative

There are a few pieces of the important furniture that we cannot simply decide to not owning it, such as:

But there are alternative choice to replace the furniture, such as:

Dresser vs Fabric shelves

According to Lazada a dresser typically can cost up to RM6,240. Meanwhile, according to Shopee the fabric shelves will cost just about RM19.09.

dresser vs Fabric shelves
Image via Amazon.com & Kogan.com

You don’t need to be a mathematician to know the different prices between both furniture. Both of the furniture play the same function which is to hold clothes when it’s not been used.

Tv stand vs Hang

The TV stand typically can cost up to RM 1000, but with some DIY you can cut the cost to RM 0.

tv stand vs hang
Image via Canva & Lazada

You don’t even need to hire anyone to hang the TV, or you even don’t need a TV! Now, we can find everything online!!

How to hang tv on the wall by yourself


Bookshelf vs Go digital

If you’re a book lover who likes to collect books, you probably need to have a bookshelf. But do you know how much that a bookshelf is gonna cost you?

bookshelf vs digital books
Image via Canva

RM 1,000 is the average amount that you will end up spending on bookshelves. So, the smart way to cut the cost is by going online. You can buy yourself an e-book which is going to cost cheaper than the real book and you don’t need a bookshelf for it!

Don’t know where to find an ebook? Here is the list of 5 ebooks store available in Malaysia

3. Shop for furniture

Now for the deal-breaker, with the amount that you are holding right now you should start your shopping. Luckily I still have some trick for home furnishing within your budget.

Second hand furniture

A second hand or preloved item has its demand as well. This is because the items mostly can be found in really good condition and often from an expensive brand as well.

Not only that for preloved furniture there is no such thing as a fixed price. So don’t hesitate to bargain for the best price that fits into your budget.

You are not only helping your wallet you are also helping the environment as well. By buying new furniture you are just creating a more place for it to end up in a landfill.

Here are the spot to buy second hand furniture in Johor

Offline store

Cash Converters

  • Lot B01 (B) Giant Hypermarket Tampoi, Lot 54 Jalan Skudai, 81200 Tampoi, Johor Bahru
    Tel: 07-236 8189

QQ Furniture

  • 14, Jalan Satria 2, Taman Perindustrian Jb Perdana, 81300 Skudai, Johor Tel: +60 11 2775

We Buy Used Goods in

  • Blk D,Jalan Jelatang 2,Taman Cahaya Kota Putri,Masai,Johor Tel: 010-7126963

Online store

4. Compare the price for the best deal

When you plan to buy a piece of furniture please do research on price first. Make sure you compare prices with all the stores. Some stores can offer lower than the other.

Not only the price the style and the quality is different for each store.

If you going to spend your money on furniture make sure it’s worth it and fit your budget.

Nowadays you can find all the information online. If you think going to 50 stores is a huge waste of money don’t worry. Just Google search your nearby store, where you can find their official website.

What to research before buying the furniture?

  • Quality
  • Style
  • Size
  • Price.

For cheaper furniture,


5. Discount and sale

In Malaysia, I believe we can find discounts and sales all the time. Starting with the New Year sale and ending with the Christmas sale. It’s kinda hard to keep up with all the sales.

But if you want the best price in the city keep you handphone up because all the discount and sale will be updated on social media and official website.

If you think following up with each store will be hard don’t worry Johorevent’s page is here to rescue you. Johorevent will update on their Facebook and Instagram all the sale that is happening in Johor.


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There is another way to get discounted and on sale furniture all the time. Yes, no matter the day or the time discount is there just for you. Where is find such a deal?

Here at Johor Furniture Fair. They have furniture, electrical appliances and so much more. Johor Furniture Fair is a one-stop fair. You can buy all the items in one place without any worries!


6. Buy a piece of furniture separately

When buying furniture avoid set items like bedroom set which comes with Wardrobe Open Door, Bedframe, Dressing Table and Side Table.

Because you are most likely not going to use all the items in the set.

Always try to eliminate unnecessary items to stay on budget.

In short if you need mattress just buy single piece of mattress only . Unless if you don’t have any of the furniture from the set than you can proceed to buy a set.

Buy a piece of furniture separately
Image via Canva & Courts

7. Purchase furniture with multiple functions

Another smart way to home furnishing within your budget is to buy furniture with multiple functions. It not only will save your money it also saves space for your home.

Purchase furniture with multiple functions
Image via Pinterest

As you can see in the above image the furniture can be used as a bed, sofa, closet, and desk. It can replace up to 3 furniture at home.

With this kind of multiple functional furniture, you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. In your case 1 furniture with 4 purposes, than you save more!!

8. Free Delivery

Let’s say you have figured out a say to purchase the furniture within your budget. The next thing that you need to be worried about is the extra fee which is delivery fee. In some store, the delivery will be charged.

Look for stores that have free delivery. If you are planning to bring the furniture by yourself is not a bad idea unless you are trying to fit in a whole sofa into a Myvi.

Better leave something to the professional to handle it.

Video via Giphy

To sum up

Before purchasing furniture for your home, it’s good to create a budget even if you are not planning to save money. Create budget is the most responsible way to spend money. With the amount you save, you can buy more furniture on another hand. Home furnishing within your budget is quite easy if you are really dedicated for it.

But if you are thinking all those are too much hard work then I have the last trick on my sleeve which is to simply visit the Johor Furniture Fair website. Why?

Home Furnishing Within your Budget.
Image via Johor Furniture Fair

Johor Furniture Fair website has all types of furniture that you are looking for, you also get you set a meter within your price range to purchase items within your budget.

The Johor Furniture website also offers a membership program that will help you save a lot of money.

Buy furniture within your budget is not a challenging issue! But needs not wants will let you save more!



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