Guide on Purchasing the Best Electrical Appliances

Guide on Purchasing the Best Electrical Appliances

The process of purchasing new electrical appliances can be a tough job. Do you know you will have to replace your electrical appliances between 10-15 years of purchase?

Let’s say that you have bought your electrical appliances during the year 2000 and now it has reached the year 2018 all your of the items will start to break down. The technology during the year 2000 is far more different from the year 2018. For example, during the year 2000, the popular handphone was just the Nokia 3310 but in the year 2018 Samsung Galaxy S9.

Even the mobile industry has developed in a huge way, what makes you think the electrical appliance is staying the same? So how are you going to find the perfect electrical appliances for your home?

Before we go into the details lets see what is electrical appliances are;

  • Refrigerator
  • Air conditioner
  • Washing Machine

Let us give you the Guide on purchasing the best electrical appliances just for you.


Guide on purchasing the Refrigerator

A refrigerator is the most important electrical appliance needed at a home. It helps in making our food or drinks cold and to make is good (unspoiled). And it is also common to put a magnet up with family photos or kids drawing on the wall of the refrigerator.




Things to consider before purchasing the Refrigerator

i. The size of the refrigerator

The size of the refrigerator is really important for you to consider. This is because before you go and look for the refrigerator that you want,  take a look where you are going to place it.

If you don’t have enough space to place the refrigerator no matter how big your refrigerator is it is going to end up as your burden.

ii. The size of your family

It is true that a bigger family is going to need a big refrigerator. A bigger family can be said as people who have 8-10 people at a home. If you do have a big family then don’t hesitate to purchase the big size refrigerator.

And for those who have only one kid or really small family or 1-4 then you are capable of purchasing the small refrigerator.

iii. Look for energy savers

The appliances with the energy saver sticker on the appliance help to save money, save energy, and helps in saving climate change.  A refrigerator is one of the appliances that require a lot of energy.

But with the help of the energy saver, you can reduce it up to 33%. Small changes can give a nature big impact.




Type of Refrigerator

There are 5 type of refrigerator that is available;

1.Top freezer

A top freezer is the most typical type of refrigerator that can be found at anyone’s home. It has the freezer on the top and 2/3 of the refrigerator is for fresh food storage.

  • Average Size: Width: 29 inches; depth: 31 inches; depth with door open 90 degrees: 58 inches; height: 66 inches
  • Price: A most affordable option
  • Suitable for: Those who are looking for classic and not too flashy
  • Not suitable for: Those who are tall

Top freezer

Image via Canva

2.Bottom Freezer

The bottom freezer is the best option for the household which is looking for a refrigerator that has a large area for both of fresh food storage and the freezer as well.

  • Average Size: Width: 29 inches; depth: 32 inches; depth with door open 90 degrees: 59 inches; height: 67 inches
  • Price: Can cost more than top freezer but still in the affordable price
  • Suitable for: Those who are looking for big storage and eye level for the fresh food storage
  • Not suitable for: Those who cannot bend for too long for the freezer

Bottom Freezer

Image via Bazaar Online

3. Side-by-side

The fridge and the freezer usually will be side by side. The side-by-side refrigerator also usually wider compared to the top and bottom fridge. So before purchasing make sure you have enough space to place it.

  • Average Size: Width: 35 inches; depth: 30 inches; depth with door open 90 degrees: 45 inches; height: 71 inches
  • Price: Can be expensive
  • Suitable for: Those who want a feature-rich Refrigerator
  • Not suitable for: Those who want wider space insid
  • e of the refrigerator


Image via Home Depot

4. French Door

A French door is a really stylish refrigerator with 3 doors whereby 2 door is for the fridge and the freezer can be found on as a drawer which is at the bottom.

  • Average Size: Width: 35 inches; depth: 29 inches; depth with door open 90 degrees: 48 inches; height: 68 inches
  • Price: Also an expensive piece of refrigerator
  • Suitable for: Those who want the freezer to have wider space and the refrigerator to have advanced technology features.
  • Not suitable for: Those who want an affordable and classic refrigerator

French Door

Image via Canva

5. Mini-Fridge

Mini Fridge is small with double door and the best thing about the mini-fridge is that it can be placed anywhere near you.

  • Average Size: 18″ cubes.
  • Price: Can consider cheap than other refrigerators
  • Suitable for: Those who want their fridge to be near them like in the master bedroom, office, living room.
  • Not suitable for: to keep many items


Image via Canva

Which to consider?

Small space                                           :Mini Fridge
Big Family                                             :Side-by-side
Entertainer                                           :French door
Small Family with small space     :Top fridge
Big Family with Big space               :Bottom Fridge



Guide on purchasing the Air conditioner


The air conditioner or also can be called a/c is an electrical appliance that helps to remove heat from cold air. Air conditioning can be used in both commercial and domestic environments.


Things to consider before purchasing the air conditioner

i. Room size & BTU

There is a common myth that believed by many that the bigger the air conditioner the colder the place will be. this is just a big misconception. a large a/c tends to create more cold air but it also will make the air dry and clammy.

To avoid getting an oversized or undersized a/c you can refer to the table to find out the right size that you will need for you;

Room sizeA/C unit size (hp)BTU
12 X 12 FEET<15000
14 X 14 FEET1-1.56200
14 X 16 FEET1.56200
15 X 16 FEET1..5-2.56200
18 X 18 FEET2.58000
21 X 21 FEET2.5-3.510,000

BTU is the most crucial thing that you need to notice when purchasing air conditioning. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, One BTU refers to the amount of energy that’s required to increase the temperature of a pound of water by 1° F.

ii. Easy to clean filter

Do you know that keeping your air conditioning clean can save up to 5-15 % of the energy? A clean air conditioner can reduce the amount of dust and pollutant that is in the room.

It is really important that the cleaning process of an air conditioner mush be easy. So you will have easy access to faster cleaning.


Type of Air conditioning

There are 6 types of air conditioning available;


Type of air conditionerDescriptive
1. Window air conditioner

The Window air conditioners pull in the hot air from your room and run it over a cooling coil before returning blowing it back into the room.

Window air conditioner

Image via Indiegogo

2. Casement Air Conditioners

Designed for windows that open horizontally or swing-out instead of vertically.

Casement A/C are basically for taller skinner window.

Casement Air Conditioners

Image via Perfect aire

3. Portable Air Conditioners

For those who cannot mount a/c on the wall portable air conditioners is your best choice.

This a/c usually kept on the floor and for the hot air use a flexible hose to vent it outside. The venting hose can fit through a small space.

Portable Air Conditioners

Image via Business Insider

4. Wall Air Conditioners

For the permanent place of air conditioning, this a/c is the most suitable.

This all a/c is more efficient than a window a/c at the same time you don’t have t sacrifice a whole for an a/c.

Wall Air Conditioners

Image via LG.com

5. Central Air Conditioner system

Central Air Conditioner system will come in handy when you want to keep your entire house cool. You don’t have to install each room 1 a/c instead use this technic.

But the Central Air Conditioner system is the most expensive compare to others.

Central Air Conditioner system

Image via the spruce

Here are the tips and tricks that you should know before installing a Central Air Conditioner at your home;

6. Mini-split AC systems

I believe this is the most common type of A/C system that can be found in Malaysia. A Mini-split AC system is an electric cooler and heater which doesn’t require ductwork.

These A/C are highly energy-efficient which is a great whole-home climate solution.

Mini-split AC systems

Image via Canva

The air conditioner totally depends on the amount of space and how much is the budget that you have. But personally, I trust the mini-split ac system this is because it helps to reduce the energy that used in a/c. Since it has large popularity you can get maintenance wherever you are.


Guide on purchasing the Washing Machine


A washing machine is one type of electronic appliance that use to wash your laundry. With clean water and detergent, the dirty clothes will become cleaner than ever before.




Things to consider before purchasing a washing machine

i. Washer Capacity and Physical Size

Washer capacity depends on the volume of the drum. For those who have a small family and that will only require weekly once do the laundry you don’t need to get a big size washing machine.

for the size of the washing machine. if you only have a small space you can only get a small size of the washing machine. Usually, only the space that me up for the washing machine becomes a big problem this is because other features of a washer are the same.




Type of Washing machine

There are only 2 types of washing machine that is available ;

1. Front-loading type

The front-loading type washing machine has the feature of loading the laundry at the front part of the washer.

Image via Canva


  • This has the capability of saving water and energy. It is a proven fact that the front- loading type washing machine can use less water up to 80% and save energy up to 40%.
  • More effective in the cleaning process which tends to make wash cycle more time (75 to 120 minutes )
  • Lower ongoing cost
  • compact design which goes well in small space
  • Has a high power in spinning which results in less time drying the clothes.


  • Has the tendency to vibrate if there is no balance with the clothes that are inside the washing machine
  • If you skip your washing machine maintenance you might end with a mold
  • With the advanced technology that can be found in the front-loading type washer is can cost you more money
  • Washing time can be longer

2. Top- loading type

The top-loading type of washing machine has an exterior with an opening cap. The cap can be found on the top of the washing machine where you can load your laundry.

Top- loading type

Image via Reviewed


  • You don’t have to bend, much easier during loading and unloading laundry
  • Gives freedom to add fabric softener right before the washer starts the spinning process.
  • The washing period is quicker
  • Less vibration
  • Cheaper in price
  • Larger capacity


  • It is not stackable
  • Does not have many features that fit your specific cleaning need
  • The end of the washing process makes the clothes to be tangled
  • heavy loads can make the tub unbalance

Which to consider?

Between the two types of the washing machine, you can choose either one according to your needs The only thing that you need to consider is the size of the washing machine.

Size of the drum    Small drum: 1-3  cu.ftStandard Drum: 3-4.5 cu.ftLarge Drum: 4.5-6 cu.ft
Pounds of laundry 4-812-1620+
Household  1-2 people3-5 people6+ people


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