3 Easy Steps to Buy the Right Ceiling Light

3 Easy Steps to Buy the Right Ceiling Light

The right ceiling lightning will help to transform any space and complete the look for your home. Are you familiar with ceiling lights? Do you know that ceiling light can help illuminate your spaces better without compromising on floor space? Here’s the thing. Different ceiling lights can bring different impacts for yourself and your home. Some are designed to give a restful mood and some to create an intimate conversation mood. So, with the variety of ceiling light in the market, I would share with you 3 easy steps to buy the right ceiling light. 


Know the design and the used of the light

There are many types of ceiling lights in the market. Different ceiling lights have different purposes for your home and space. It also required a different height for the ceiling. Here I will share some ceiling light that is popular nowadays. 


1. Chandeliers

chandeliers lamp

Image by Local Warehouse

Chandeliers is one of the most popular ceiling lights that is commonly used for the main light sources in the room. You can either see vintage sophisticated models or modern minimalistic light fixtures on the market.

2. Flush Mounted Light Fixtures

Flush Mounted Light Fixtures

Image by Home Electrical

This light is usually attached directly to the ceiling. There are different designs of flush mount lights, such as inverted bowls, disk-shaped lights or square light fixtures. It is easy to find the type of flush mount light matching almost any interior design.


3. Pendant Light

Pendent Light

Image by Shopee

Pendant Light is a very popular and stylish ceiling light.  It is hanging quite low and looks great and elegant to any room. But, you need to bear in mind that different pendant lights have different functions and effectiveness. For example, some are used to illuminate the bar counter. Some are used to light up different work areas. At the end of the day, it is based on your own particular goals and objectives. The pendant light will be a perfect lightning solution for almost any room when it is combined with other light sources.


4. Track Lightning

Track Lightning ceiling lamp

Image by Lights.Co.Uk

Track lightning is a modern type of lightning and will look stylish when used correctly. As u see in the image above, a few light heads are placed on a long track system. It can be moved and directed to different areas. For this ceiling light, it consists of 2 type of system which is a monorail and two-circuit monorail track system. The bulbs are replaceable and usually easy to be changed.  


As I said just now, after you know about the design of the ceiling light, you can compare which one is suitable for your home or interior design. If you are still confused on which one is better, you can just ask or just go to a furniture shop. For Malaysian, especially johorean, you can just go to Johor Bahru furniture shop. There is a lot of high quality furniture. The best thing about it is the shop is one of  cheapest furniture shops in Johor Bahru and also well known lightning shop.


Know the style you want

Some people actually have a lack of understanding to describe their own personal interior design style. Actually there are a lot of styles that you can count on. But first, I will share some designs that might capture your eyes.


modern design style

Image by Décor AID

Modern is typically can be referred to as a home that has clean, crisp lines, simple color palette and usually used metal, glass and steel as a materials. 


2. Minimalist

Minimalist design style

Image by Mansion Global

Minimalists actually take the notion of modern design and simplify them further. When you see the minimalist design, there is nothing excessive or flamboyant in accessories or décor. It can be defined by ultra- clean lines and full of sense of functionality. 


3. Industrial

Industrial design style

Image by Decoist

When we talk about industrial design, it is inspired from an urban loft or warehouse. For this kind of design, it is not uncommon to see exposed brick, ductwork and wood. You also can see a high ceiling design. Old timber and dangling metal light fixtures with sparse functional furniture. For this kind of design, there is possibly one or two pieces of abstract art and neutral color scheme used derived from the primary materials of wood and metals.


4. Mid-century modern

Mid-century design style

Image by Pinterest

Basically the mid-century modern is a throwback to the design style of the mid 1900s. It is more to old school style. When you apply these styles, surely there is a retro nostalgia present. Here it also applies some of the minimalism concept. It complements any interiors and helps with seamless transition from interior to the exterior. 


5. Traditional

Traditional design style

Image by HGTV

This style offers some of classic details, sumptuous furnishing, and abundance of accessories. It has an European sensibilities. Traditional homes design often features dark, finished wood, rich color palettes, and variety of textures and curved lines. Surely there are a lot of styles that you can apply for your home interior design.


But for sure, you need to choose the best design to be applied. The design will then determine the right ceiling light for your home. 


Get to know your type of bulb

The selection of your bulb will affect your energy cost. There are a lot of bulbs in the market. You should choose the one that will at least cut off some of your energy cost.

Video above show different type of bulb that you should know. Here’s are some of bulb that you can choose: 


  • Incandescent – Incandescent is a bulb that provides a warm light and typically used for interiors. It consumes the least energy. It is a 60watt bulb that only lasts about 750 hours. It is good to be used for floor, table lamps, chandeliers and kitchen pot light.
  • Halogen – This bulb has more hours than a simple incandescent. It can get quite hot to touch. It also has high energy consumption with a typical halogen lamp. It also provides warm light as well.
  • Fluorescent – Fluorescent is one of Energy-efficient bulbs , but not as good quality in terms of color rendering. It provides more of a cool light but sometimes it can be dimmed. Bared in mind that sometimes the bulbs are delayed in coming on. Fluorescents tend to be better suited for areas that are not as important for task or mood lighting. It is more likely to suit in garages, basements, hallways that don’t get as much traffic, etc.
  • LED – Led is an expensive bulb but lasts the longest and is the best on energy savings. It typically makes colors look great. For your information  the industry is continuing to develop the technology. There might have lots of incredible options coming out

So, to conclude, you can now try and slowly change out your old incandescent for LED’s so the cost won’t be too much all at once. Feel free to refer to an expertise about this. They will suggest the best for your home. What you waiting for?

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